The 6 must-attend SEO conferences in Germany

As in any branch, conferences and events provide you with up-to-date information on tools, developments and methods. But there is more to SEO conferences than this: they are a basin of experts and average SEOs, both active Online Marketers and private webmasters. This is the special characteristic of SEO conferences: the young and flexible they are, the more networking even between experts and laymen is possible.

1. SMX

SMXSMX offers high-quality information on SEO and PPC by providing international and national experts, workshops and hand-on sessions. To name some speakers: Google´s Tom Alby and Johannes Müller, Marus Tober (Searchmetrics), Frank Doerr (Spinpool) and Wil Reynolds (SEER Interactive).

With it´s two days length, SMX has the potential to impart a huge package of up-to-date knowledge and to further educate SEP experts. Otherwise, it´s no appropriate platform for rather inexperienced SEOs.

When and Where: 9th – 10th April, 2013; Hilton Munich Park Hotel in Munich
Costs: from EUR 100,00 excl. Tax per ticket

2. SEO Campixx

SEO-CampixxWho once tried to book tickets for SEO Campixx knows: you have to be perfectly fast. This year, SEO Campixx has been fully booked within less than two hours which makes this conference probably one of the most eligible – although it was established just four years ago, in 2009.
Organizer Marco Janck hosts SEO Campixx once per year in Germany´s capital Berlin. His concept: everyone should have access to a conference regarding SEO as it´s an essential tool for every ambitious webmaster.
Therefore, everyone can give a presentation if he or she has registered before. This is what Janck calls an “anti-conference” because SEO Campixx is supposed to be a forum for everyone and not just a meeting of experts shutting themselves away for a few days.

When and Where: 15th – 17th March, 2013; Hotel am Müggelsee in Berlin
Costs: from EUR 129,00 incl. Tax per ticket

3. Online Marketing Rockstars

OnlinemarketingrockstarsWith speakers from such furious sounding companies as Facebook, YouTube, Zalando, Google, Fab, Deutsche Post and the keynote given by Harvard Business School´s Jeffrey Rayport, Online Marketing Rockstars lives up to it´s name. Once per year, international and national speakers inform their audience on the most up-to-date news and developments regarding SEO and Online Marketing. As, amongst others, Adobe is sponsoring this event, it´s good reputation works for it.

When and Where: 22nd February, 2013; Große Freiheit 36 in Hamburg
Costs: EUR 249,00 excl. Tax per ticket


SEMSEOAs it´s name says, this event is specialized on the topics SEM and SEO. Experts such as Uwe Tippmann and Alan Webb (both from ABAKUS), Thomas Mindnich (ITam) and Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer (Website Boosting) give informative presentations on the most trending developments regarding SEO and SEM.
As SEMSEO is an event concentrating on search engine rankings and efficient traffic, it is not likely to be recommended for rather inexperienced SEOs, too.

When and Where: 25th and 26th April, 2013; Congresscentrum Wienecke XI in Hannover
Costs: from EUR 420,00 incl. Tax per ticket


SEODayAs SEODAY is only three years old, it is a kind of baby in the world of SEO conferences. Nevertheless, it attracts hundreds of attendees and famous SEO experts as speakers – in this year, Marcus Tandler and Niels Dörje (Tandler Dörje & Partner), Karl Kratz, Jens Fauldrath (takevalue) and Johannes Beus (Sistrix) amongst others. SEODAY´s special characteristic: in the last years, this event was hold in Cologne´s football stadium and therefore, created a certain atmosphere of creativity and far-sightedness.

When and Where: 16th October, 2013 in Cologne (location will be announced within the next weeks)
Costs: from EUR 299,00 incl. Tax per ticket

6. OMCap

OMCapOMCap offers speaches and presentations regarding spam-free search engines, AdWords, Display Advertising, Attribution, Conversion Optimization, Mobile Marketing etc. This years´s programme has not been launched yet, but attendees can assume that well-known experts (such Karl Kratz, Johannes Beus, Marcus Tober and Jens Fauldrath to mention some of 2012´s speakers) will provide useful and practical oriented information in 2013, too.

When and Where: 9th – 10th October, 2013; Kosmos in Berlin
Costs: from EUR 251,26 excl. Tax per ticket

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