Step by Step Guide on how to make money as a Blogger

RankSider is an auction-like marketplace for text based ads. Advertisers launch a campaign, for example “Fashion Bloggers needed to review to blog about my site”. Advertisers do not pay a monthly fee; they pay only a one-time fee for each published ad. Bloggers can place a bid with a self-assumed price. Make money with your blog or website without being bound to long-term contracts and without losing control on workload and income. Your membership on RankSider is free!

Here is a step by step guide about how to participate in a campaign.

  1. Register as publisher on
  2. Verify your email and login
  3. Enter your blog and wait until we approve your blog.
  4. Very important! Enter also the Facebook and Twitter account for your blog, they are essential.
  5. Select a campaign and place your bid.
  6. Enter a reasonable price – not too high and never too low.
  7. Read the briefing carefully, after the advertiser has accepted your campaign.
  8. Publish your blog post and enter the URL on
  9. You get your money after the advertiser has approved – Guaranteed!

It is free! Sign up as a Publisher now

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