Step by Step Guide how to launch successful campaigns

RankSider is an auction-like marketplace for text based ads (blog reviews, advertorials, sponsored posts). As an advertiser, you can launch campaigns related to any theme you want with a self-determined budget. It is your choice which of the bloggers who suggested a bid for your campaign you would accept. After completing the order, you can revise the text and the publisher will publish it on his or her blog.
Your advantages: Professional advertising on high-quality blogs with full control. Cost-effective and free of further charge.

  1. Register on RankSider and verify your data.
  2. Define a budget. The minimum budget has to be 150 EUR which is enough for several blog posts. There is no further charge and your membership on RankSider is free.
  3. Launch your campaign: Enter a tile, a detailed description. your drawn budget and the criteria which have to be full-filled by the applying blogs (e.g. visits, domain-Pop, etc).
  4. As soon as bloggers placed a bid, you are shown their SEO metrics and URLs so you can prove the quality and thematic relevance of the blogs.
  5. Choose your favorite(s) blogs by accepting the offer(s). You can also refuse bid or place a counterbid.
  6. After full-filling the offer, you can revise the text and ask the publisher for changes.
  7. Your ad will be published on the blog(s) by the publisher. We guarantee that it will remain there for at least one year, but usually, it remains permanently.

RankSider takes care of the payment. The money will be debited from your budget and forwarded to the publisher automatically. You will receive a bill for your documentary. Afterwards, you can create a self-determined number of new campaigns.

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