Visual Online Marketing Checklist for Startups

The actual works begins after you have launched your startup and your site is online. You have to get traffic, users and customers. We have provided you a visual checklist to guide you through the first steps.

Begin with an AdWords campaign
Social Media and SEO are very important and also cheaper in long term, but you should begin with an AdWords campaign. Invest a few hundred dollars, (maybe thousands, it depends on the click prices) on AdWords.
If users are clicking on your ads and they are still not converting, check your landing page and site, if you have bug, if your site looks trustworthy.

If you don’t get any traffic through AdWords, you should really check your business model and research again, if there is actually a market for you.

If you get paying customers through AdWords, congratulations! You have a working business model.
Now start with Social Media. Create a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ account.

Then start with SEO and follow the steps below.

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