How SEO emerged in Germany and useful SEO Software

Germany has been a country of inventions since the past hundreds of years. And even though search engines started rather lately to spread across the Republic, Germany is one of the most innovative sceneries within Europe when it comes to creative SEO developments.

Based on a total number of about 82 million residents (which makes Germany the most populous state of the European Union), 75.6% are using the Internet actively. On average, people spend 1.5 hours per day online, upward trend. If user´s life is influenced so strongly by the Internet, it´s no wonder that more and more purchase decisions are made online.
Therefore, SEO inheres a growing meaning.

However, SEO is still in it´s infancy in Germany. Since Google was established here in 1998 (only two years after the national launch of the very first search engine at all), more and more SEO experts emerged and built up networks, communities and, most importantly, blogs. Highly engaged SEOs – Markus Tandler, Jens Fauldraht and Martin Missfeldt, to name just three of them – rolled out their own websites and were strongly involved in creating an environment of technological progress regarding SEO in Germany.

SEO Software

To generalize, SEO software are applications that enable their users to optimize different elements such as keywords, pictures, links and the monitoring of traffic as well as every kind of activities concerning SEO. Depending on your needs and ambitions, there is a various number of tools providing optimization, controlling and reporting.

These can be differed in Onpage and Offpage tools. While Onpage tools are on hand to deal with everything that directly effects your website, Offpage tools don´t cause changes on your site. Both applications can be run without having to install them as most of them are accessible online via the provider´s platform.


SISTRIXSISTRIX made it´s mark as they offer a good cost-performance ratio and became well-known within the branch. SISTRIX offers five different modules: SEO, universal-reach, SEM, link and OnpageOptimizer. A further advantage of SISTRIX is that it works internationally without being bound to the optimization for your national search engine (although the software language will remain German). Besides, data is being refreshed once per week.

Costs: from EUR 100,00 per module excl. Tax (discount if you buy three or more modules at once).

2. Searchmetrics

SearchmetricsSearchmetrics offers two different tools, both are updated once per week and can be expanded by booking additional packages: Searchmetrics Suite and Searchmetrics Essentials. Using Suite, you get access to reports, domain and keyword rankings, backlinks, Onpage tools, organic visibility, paid visibility, universal visibility, links and social media. The disadvantage is the cost: from EUR 799,00 excl. Tax per month. Searchmetrics Essentials is smaller, but it has one strong advantage: its great keyword data base. Searchmetrics Essentials contains four different packages which are SEO/ SEM (visibility, domain ranking, keyword ranking, universal search, paid search), Links (backlink analysis), Plus (SEO, SEM, links) and Professional (SEO, SEM, links, social media).

Costs: from EUR 89,00 excl. Tax per month (price for cheapest package).

3. Xovi

XoviXovi is the branch´s all-rounder: paying a moderate price, you receive the most important functions at once. By refreshing data weekly and providing a huge pool of keywords, Xovi aspires to be the new SEO´s darling. Functions are domain and keyword ranking, backlinks, link management, SEM, Onpage tools, affiliate tools, keyword research and keyword monitoring.

Costs: EUR 99,00 excl. Tax per month.

4. SEOlytics

SEOlyticsSEOlytics offers a free-of-charge starter kit including domain and keyword retrievals, keyword research, SVR, the complete universal keyword data base, backlink metrics and a limited link monitor.
Additionally, there are two chargeable versions “Pro” and “Elite” including more functions and tools. In all these versions, you have access to a huge amount of keywords, and data will be refreshed weekly. Furthermore, they offer live keyword monitoring.
Costs: EUR 99,00 excl. Tax per month for Pro, EUR 399,00 excl. Tax per month for Elite.


OnPageAs the name says, provides a pure Onpage tool with various functions: server and keyword monitoring, meta data and snippets, analysis regarding internal link structure and a tool to check your site architecture. If specialized on working on your Onpage optimization, may help you, but keep in mind that it doesn´t contain any Offpage functions.

Costs: from EUR 99,00 excl. Tax per month.

6. Seitwert

SeitwertSeitwert enables you to analyse your Onpage optimization potential, monitor your keywords and backlinks as well as your social media figures. Seitwert is one of a small number of tool providers who offers both a monthly version and an one-time check. Regard your needs and ambitions when deciding for one of these versions – if you want to have your website checked your website only once, Seitwert might be a good choice.

Costs: from EUR 6,95 incl. Tax per month (depending on chosen modules; free test version for 30 days available), EUR 299,00 incl. Tax for one-time check.

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