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Planning a Relaunch? Think about gradual Improvements

Are you planning a major change to your current website, such as a relaunch, redesign or migration? »»

Facebook News Feed style ads could come to Gmail

Last week Google announced that all images from emails would be cached on Google servers and displayed automatically in emails. This move means more privacy for Gmail users. Emails would also load faster, because all email images are cached on Google’s server and Google’s servers are always faster. Google can even preload all images and make loading of emails even faster. »»

Visual Online Marketing Checklist for Startups

The actual works begins after you have launched your startup and your site is online. You have to get traffic, users and customers. We have provided you a visual checklist to guide you through the first steps. »»

SEO Tips for Spain and for Spanish websites

With 136 million speakers, Spanisch already ranks on the third place of active Internet user´s languages, directly following Chinese (383 million speakers) and English (478 million). According to Google, there are about 680 million Spanish-using websites. »»

Google shows examples of spam pages removed from its index

Google quality guidelines were leaked a few months ago. Now Google shows examples of websites, which are removed from its search results, live. Look at those sites and if you have any site like this, delete it, before your site get a penalty. »»

The 6 must-attend SEO conferences in Germany

As in any branch, conferences and events provide you with up-to-date information on tools, developments and methods. But there is more to SEO conferences than this: they are a basin of experts and average SEOs, both active Online Marketers and private webmasters. This is the special characteristic of SEO conferences: the young and flexible they are, the more networking even between experts and laymen is possible. »»

How SEO emerged in Germany and useful SEO Software

Germany has been a country of inventions since the past hundreds of years. And even though search engines started rather lately to spread across the Republic, Germany is one of the most innovative sceneries within Europe when it comes to creative SEO developments. »»

Useful tricks to attract more readers and new advertisers for your blog

Basically, blogs are a private matter. But at the latest since the Internet development made it possible to place ads on them or to register at an publisher on networks such as RankSider, people professionalize their hobby. The results are new requirements concerning form and content which make your blog appear more reliable, higher of value and, by that, attract more advertisers. »»

Step by Step Guide how to launch successful campaigns

RankSider is an auction-like marketplace for text based ads (blog reviews, advertorials, sponsored posts). As an advertiser, you can launch campaigns related to any theme you want with a self-determined budget. It is your choice which of the bloggers who suggested a bid for your campaign you would accept. After completing the order, you can revise the text and the publisher will publish it on his or her blog. »»

A Step-By-Step Guide For Content Marketing For your Business

Content marketing is all the rage now and it’s evidently a mandatory marketing activity for any business that hopes to reap an increased brand image, leads, higher levels of engagement, and eventually sales off the Internet. »»

How to increase mobile app downloads through SEO

Mobile apps are the future. In fact, apps are touted to be more popular than the Internet. Pew Research Center at North Carolina’s Elon University claims that apps changed the people use the web, connect with others, shop, and get entertained. Pool in statistics from ComScore, Alexa, and Flurry and it’s evident that users spend 81 minutes on average on an app per day – that’s more than the average amount of time users spend surfing the net. Tab Times ,... »»

Step by Step Guide on how to make money as a Blogger

RankSider is an auction-like marketplace for text based ads. Advertisers launch a campaign, for example “Fashion Bloggers needed to review to blog about my site”. Advertisers do not pay a monthly fee; they pay only a one-time fee for each published ad. Bloggers can place a bid with a self-assumed price. Make money with your blog or website without being bound to long-term contracts and without losing control on workload and income. Your membership on RankSider is... »»

Android - Gangnam Style, in case your missed it.

End of last year we discovered a nice eastern egg on Google Zeitgeist page. If you hover over the Google colors at end of the page, you would see an animated Android mascot dancing the Gangnam Style. This is made completely by CSS and JavaScript. We found this very cool and made this video. Due to the restricted copyright in Germany, we can’t use the music.... »»