FAQ - The most important things in brief

For Employers and Advertisers

What is RankSider?
RankSider is a crowdsourcing platform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. RankSider is not an agency, the services are provided by our members (RankSider).

How much does RankSider cost?
Launching a campaign is free, and you decide for yourself how much money to invest in a campaign. Simply transfer the money to your account on RankSider and choose among offers. We charge a fee of 5€ only if you do not select any offer before closing your campaign.

How much is the minimum budget?
The minimum budget for a campaign is 100€. You can find out more about this in our tips for a successful campaign.

What happens during a campaign?
First you create your campaign. After that, fellow RankSiders apply for your campaign, and you can accept or reject any offers. If you accept an offer, the RankSider carries it out, and you receive a report as soon as the job is done. Then the campaign will be closed and the payment made to the RankSider.

Are there any additional costs?

How often do I pay?
You pay once per campaign.

Do I receive an invoice?
You receive an invoice by e-mail. You can find your invoice in your RankSider account, too. The invoice is for every single deposit you make, not for every contractor. There is also a request for payment in your RankSider account that you can retrieve in advance.

How long does my article remain active?
Your article and links normally remain permanently. RankSider offers you a one-year guarantee for your article.

What else should I consider?
Please note that all amounts (deposits, assets, credits) are gross amounts, if you live in Germany.

For the contractor

Which requirements do I need to fulfill?
You have to be of legal age and have a trade license. Freelancers do need to provide a valid tax number in their invoices. You do not need to have your own domain or website, but they are help win orders.

How much does membership cost?
Nothing. The membership is free of charge.

How much money can I make?
That is in your hands: As a RankSider, you can apply for a campaign and make a bid. You determine the amount of the bid, but the campaign provider may suggest a different amount - you can accept this amount or suggest another one. If your bid is accepted, we receive a commission fee of 30%. You should keep this in mind when you make your bids.

When do I receive my earnings?
You receive your money within one month after the provider confirms. You get paid if the total bill is more than 50€.